I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mitchell for number of years. During this time I have come to know his skill sets in a number of capacities.
As an Arranger
I have used Mitch on countless occasions for his work as an arranger. Mitch’s combined knowledge of voice leading, harmony and aural skills are second to none. This skill set allows for him to produce polished arrangements which are assimilated into the ensemble very quickly. He is extremely committed to his work and provides the service with a very quick turnaround.
As a Composer 
Mitc​h​ commissioned You and I have Learned for the Festival Statesmen Chorus in 2015 for The Festival of Voices, Hobart. This composition is a favourite among singers and audiences alike. Mitch’s unique harmonic language speaks sensitively to the text which allows the listener and performer to immerse themselves into a world of expression and deep understanding.​
As a Director
Mitch holds the position of Assistant Director to the Festival Statesmen and has held that position since 2014. Mitch speaks with clear direction and is always well prepared. He is able to drive the ensemble with rigour and thorough attention to detail.

-Jonathan Bligh
Musical Director, Festival Statesmen Chorus

It was my pleasure to commission Mitchell Bartel to compose and arrange a custom love song for me to sing to my wife at our wedding. It was a vocal solo supported by piano a four part choir. I was extremely impressed with his ability to convert my rough ideas into musical genius right on the spot. His ability to work creatively under pressure was outstanding and he worked very well under tight deadlines. Mitchell was fun to work with and made the whole process a breeze. I have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone considering an original music composition or arrangement.

-Geoff Kwitko
Commission: As Husband and Wife

A portrait of progression in both artistry and character, Bartel’s 8 piece suite of original piano compositions sparkles with delicate harmony and an agreeable smorgasbord of tonal variety. As the performance moves through works both “serious and silly”, in the composer’s own words, a picture emerges of an artist whose talent and virtuosity is only matched by his generosity of spirit and admirable lack of pretension.

-Daniel Tune
The Clothesline

We recently engaged Mitch Bartel as interim musical director to our men’s chorus, Adelaide Vocal Union, on a short term contract while searching for a new MD. We were absolutely delighted with what Mitch was able to do with us over a short period of time and all members spoke very highly of his musical ability and knowledge and how he was able to impart that to us in an easy and clear way. He brought new life and meaning to a number of songs in our repertoire, for which we are very grateful. He is a very talented and capable musical director and we would have loved to have him continue with us.

-Ray Mansueto
Secretary, Adelaide Vocal Union

I've had the pleasure of working with Mitchell Bartel, as Musical Director for the Inaugural and Repeat production of Counting Bars: The Tale of the Singing Inmates. A notable asset to Mitchell's musical and directorial practice is his complete attention to detail. Mitchell's contribution to my production was monumental in it's foundations, turning over nine existing songs, arranged in the a cappella style for 8 - 9 voices, over 9 weeks. I 100% recommend his expertise. Whether an original composition, or an arrangement, Mitchell is angelic in his approach. Also having performed his original composition You and I Have Learned to a national audience, as a performer, and having seen it's response and rapport with an audience, I have no hesitation to recommend Mitchell for an Original Composition, Arrangement, or Musical Director's Position.

-Mitre Khammash
Counting Bars: The Tale of the Singing Inmates