Counting Bars: The Tale of the Singing Inmates

As part of the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, I collaborated with producer/director Mitre Khammash to create a unique a Capella musical, Counting Bars: The Tale of the Singing Inmates. The innovative stage show follows the story of four prison inmates as they attempt to win a talent contest in the hopes of being transferred to a lower-security facility. But they find balancing singing and the dangerous prison life is not that simple...

Featuring classic hits from the 70s and 80s, sung entirely by a cast of eight talented singers, this a Capella musical showcases a perfect balance of comedy and expert musicianship. As musical director and having arranged eight tunes and one original song for vocal performance, I can say that this is a fantastically fun show, and it was an absolute joy that it was renewed for an Adelaide tour in January 2016 as part of the Out of the Square network.

Head to the Arrangements page to find sheet music for many of the numbers in this show!

“My sides literally hurt from laughing, great a cappella arrangements of some 80s songs competently executed and including some beat-boxing, rounded out the entertainment value. This could be the start of something big.” 
-Talk Fringe Review

Check out the original cast recording of What a Fool Believes on Vocal Australia's Get Vocal compilation album!

Watch the music video

“Brilliant show, side-splittingly funny. A very talented cast mixing tight harmonies with sharp comedic timing.”
-Talk Fringe Review