You and I Have Learned

Some of the last words that Leonard Nimoy shared with the world was the poem You and I Have Learned. It tells of the song of love, passed down through the ages, and our privilege to be a part of sharing it and passing it on ourselves. A poignant reflection of the legacy we leave to our loved ones, Nimoy's words celebrate the past, present, and future, acknowledging those who have loved before, and looking also towards the future as we share it with those who come after.

This beautifully simple poem inspired me as soon as I came across it. I immediately heard the opening lines of music as I read the poem and just had to write it down. My aim in composing this was to bring out the meaning, the earnestness, the joy embedded in the words. It was premiered by my brothers, the Festival Statesmen Chorus, at the 2015 Australian Festival of Voices in Hobart, and we have shared many special moments with it ever since.

Our love is ours to have, and to share
And the miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have
Leonard Nimoy

If you wish to purchase sheet music for this piece, contact Mitchell here.