Welcome! Here you can find the music and life of composer, conductor, and arranger Mitchell Bartel. Feel free to explore and browse through my compositions and learn more about what I do.

My aim in music (and life) is to connect with people, and to share with them the moments in time and feelings that make us human. To create music that expresses what words alone cannot, music that everybody can enjoy and relate to.

I am available for commissions, arrangements, musical directing, and more! Have a listen, and click here to get in touch. Or if you wish to join me in my musical endeavours, subscribe to my mailing list below and follow me on social media. Enjoy!

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Counting Bars Official Cast Recording: We need your help!  

Since Counting Bars: The Tale of the Singing Inmates played in February 2015 and again in January 2016, people have been asking if we have a CD, and finally we are now recording one! This cast recording of the a Capella jukebox musical will feature every song from the show - that's nine 70s/80s classics arranged for voices by yours truly (plus one bonus track!) 

BUT we need your help to make it happen! The show's writer/producer/director Mitre Khammash has launched a Pozible campaign to fund the creation of the album. Please consider pledging something towards it - every little bit counts - AND there's sweet prizes up for grabs too! Click the link to view the campaign website and contribute. It's shaping up to be a great album!



Cover photo by Juan Photography